FIRAS certification started in 1994 and has been instrumental in improving standards of installation of fire protection products/systems to the benefit of the construction industry and the clients it serves.

FIRAS is voluntary, Third Party Certification installation contractors of both passive and active fire protection systems, operated by Warrington Certification, and accredited by UKAS to EN45011. A comprehensive listing of companies which have FIRAS certification including the scope of their certification can be viewed on-line in the FIRAS Register.

FIRAS certificated contractors are required to undergo a 3 stage assessment process. And, only when the applicant contractor has satisfied all of these criteria is certification granted:

  • Assessment of office management systems
  • Assessment of workmanship of site for all trade disciplines for which certification is sought
  • Competence assessment of supervisory and installation employees

FIRAS certification is awarded to the contracting company not the staff. Should a contractor wish to increase their scope of certification, a separate application must be made to attain the additional certification.

All FIRAS site inspectors and sprinkler engineers have technical and practical knowledge and experience in fire protection. Certification requirements have been developed with UK trade associations including:

Approved Document B Fire Safety Volume 1 - Dwellings 2019 edition incorporating 2020 and 2022 amendments and Approved Document B Fire Safety Volume 2 - Buildings other than dwellings 2019 edition incorporating 2020 and 2022 amendments, recognise the benefits in confidence and reliability obtained by the use of Accredited Installers. All Contractor members of FIRAS are Third Party Accredited.

Firas Certificate Exp 13/08/2024